Lung Cancer

Meaning: Lung malignancies are common due to prevalence of smoking and other risk factors. Maligancies of Lung are either primarily arising from the Lung or appear in Lung after being disseminated through blood from other pre-existing cancerous area of the body. The most common cause is long-term exposure to tobacco smoke, which causes 80–90% of Lung Cancers. Non-smokers account for 10–15% of Lung Cancer cases and these cases are often attributed to a combination of genetic factors and exposure to; radon gas, asbestos and air pollution including second-hand smoke.

Line of Treatment :

CyberKnife: CyberKnife is useful in treatment in early stage Lung Cancers when it is limited to a small area and can be used as an alternative to Radical Surgery. CyberKnife is also useful in cases of Lung Metastasis or post primary therapy limited residual or recurrent disease, when it can be targeted by the CyberKnife machine, as assessed by your Oncologist. The benefit of CyberKnife lies in delivery of radical ablative dose that can control the disease in a totally non-invasive mode. It has special capabilities of tracking the Tumor while respiration and thus can treat with minimal extra margins and thus decreasing the side effects very efficiently

Alternate: If a patient can survive the surgical procedure, then a standalone or combined modality approach with Chemotherapy, Radiation or surgery are used as the treatment modality to treat a Lung Cancer. Let alone the modality approach, a lot of it depends primarily on stage and individual case condition.

Oesophagus Cancer

Meaning: Oesophagus Cancer is also known as Esophageal Cancer, which is a type of cancer found in esophagus, the food pipe running between the throat and the stomach. Trouble in swallowing, weight loss, hoarse voice and dry cough may indicate the presence of an esophageal tumor. The intake of alcohol, smoking and excessive hot drinks may lead to the formation of Esophageal Cancer in this organ.

Line of Treatment :

CyberKnife: Though CyberKnife is capable of successfully treating esophageal tumors, but it is not considered suitable for every patient. The fear of muscle tearing due to radiation dose may well keep it on hold. Isolated nodal rsidual or recurrent disease may be evaluated for treatment by Cyberknife when feasible.

Alternate: Oesophagus cancers can be treated using an individual or the multi-disciplinary treatment including surgery, radiotherapy, Chemotherapy or other treatment forms. UsuallyIMRT, IGRT or VMAT (arc therapies) are among the preferred treatment techniques for the esophageal tumors, as may be the case.

Breast Cancer

Meaning: Breast Cancers are Maligant Tumors that develop in Breast tissues and can happen in both males and females. Most commonly seen in females as compared with males, the cancer of breast can either develop the surrounding tissues or metastasize (spread) into the other parts of the body like Bone, Brain, Liver or Lungs. Some of the common causes of breast cancer include pre-existing condition like cyst or fibrosis, smoking, alcohol consumption or hormonal changes in the body. This type of cancer is dangerous as it is one of the leading causes of death in females and males also.

Line of Treatment :

CyberKnife: Sometimes in localized early stage Breast Cancers, CyberKnife can be used as a very short-course Radiotherapy that can just target the post-operative surgical site. It is although possible only in selected cases and only treating oncologist can take this decision based on all available records and stage of the patient. CyberKnife can also be used in metastatic cases where disease has spread from the Breast to other organs like Lung, Brain, Bone or Liver and is still limited that is lesser in number (< 6) or small size (< 6 cm). It cannot be used if there is gross widespread disease. 

Alternate: For primary site in Breast Surgery remains the main stay and Chemotherapy and conventional 5-6 weeks of Radiation is commonly used.