The Brain Tumors Program at Nova Global Healthcare offers advanced treatment for patients with primary brain tumors, brain metastases and neurological complications of cancer. Our team of medical professionals include leaders in neurosurgery, neurology, medical oncology, therapeutic radiology, neuropathology and neuroradiology, that focuses exclusively on understanding and treating brain cancer.

The Brain Tumors Program at Nova Global Healthcare offers advanced treatment for patients with primary brain tumors, brain metastases and neurological complications of cancer. As part of the only interdisciplinary consortium providing comprehensive brain cancer care the coordinated team of medical professionals — including recognized leaders in the fields of neurosurgery, neurology, medical oncology, neuro-oncology, radiation oncology, neuropathology and neuroradiology — focuses exclusively on understanding and treating brain cancer.

Our top priority is pioneering the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve survival and preserve neurological function for people with cancers of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Why Nova Global Healthcare for Brain Tumors

At Nova Global Healthcare, brain tumor specialists have access to the most advanced surgical tools and robot-assisted machines, including intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and functional MRI for language and critical motor and language skills mapping.

The Brain Tumors Program offers a wide spectrum of tools to diagnose and treat brain cancer, including microsurgical tumor removal, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, image-guided stereotactic techniques, 3D conformal radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery (gamma knife), and novel, targeted chemotherapies. making it possible to make precise diagnoses and develop more effective interventions for tumors of the brain. Patients benefit from specialized resources such as a dedicated neurological intensive care unit and the latest imaging technologies. A dedicated clinical coordinator facilitates access, coordinates services, and supports patients and their families.

The Brain Tumors Program has gained regional and national recognition for continually pushing science and technology toward a cure. Clinical trials for newly diagnosed and relapsed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) — the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor — are based on tumor-directed vaccines and antiangiogenic drugs that stop new vessels from forming around a tumor and break up the existing network of abnormal capillaries that feeds the cancerous mass.

Physicians in the Brain Tumors Program maintain a close working relationship with physicians practicing in the community. They welcome referrals and supply physicians with regular reports on diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations. Patients can be referred for the development of a treatment plan in conjunction with their primary physician, for a second opinion, or for ongoing management by the Brain Tumors Program physicians.

3T MRI Integrated Neuro Suite

With the installation of the 3 Tesla MRI neuro suite , Nova Global Healthcare has become the first hospital in the nation to offer intra-operative MR imaging and biplane x-ray angiography for a wide range of procedures, including brain tumor resection. This revolutionary technology with multi-functional capabilities provides high-quality MR images before, during and after a neurosurgical procedure - without ever moving the patient.

Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife is an effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional brain surgery exclusively designed for the treatment of malignant and benign tumors, vascular abnormalities and trigeminal neuralgia.

This highly sophisticated technology precisely directs focused radiation to specific targets in the brain. Typically performed in a single outpatient treatment session without general anesthesia, this proven technique helps patients avoid incision, scarring and long hospital stays while minimizing surgical complications.