We at Nova Global Healthcare, are committed to provide state of the art high quality diagnostic services to our patients and referring physicians. Our facilities are equipped with high end, latest generation machines with cutting edge technology. This coupled with the highly qualified team of Doctors, skilled technicians , nurses and supporting staff provide exceptional patient care and services round the clock. 

Nova Global Healthcare has one of the best equipped radiology departments -  3T MRI,  CT scans, Ultrasound machines,  Digital X-Ray machines,  Fluoroscopy machine,  Digital Mammography unit ,  Bone Densitometry unit and  Computed Radiography Units. The HIS and RIS are fully functional. The PACS is under installation.

The MAGNETOM VERIO- is a 3T, latest generation MRI system providing exceptional image quality with shorter imaging time and maximum patient comfort.

The DEFINITION FLASH- is a dual source dual energy, 256 slice, CT scanner with tremendous clinical and research capabilities, which has revolutionised the CT industry. It performs high quality CT studies and angiographies at a much lesser radiation doses and contrast volume. The Definition Flash Mode completes a CT Coronary Angiography in about 1/3rd of a second at less than 1mSv of radiation dose. It is ideal for performing brain perfusion studies in acute stroke patients; the other organ perfusion studies like myocardial perfusion are also possible. The machine is lightening fast and completes a scan within no time at much lesser radiation dose to the patient. This is the first scanner of its kind in India and amongst the only few in the world. 

EMOTION- a 16 slice CT scanner, supplements the definition flash for routine work. 

The Acuson S2000 and Acuson ANTERES Ultrasound and color Doppler machines are fully upgraded with 4D, Contrast Ultrasound and Elastography capabilities. 

Digital Mammography with state of the art stereotactic breast biopsy system. It enables to accurately biopsy lesions as small as 2-3 mm. 

Fully Digitalized and Computerised radiography systems. 

Apart from this, the department plays a very important and significant role in the overall health care delivery system and academic activities of the hospital. It also provides platform for research activities and plans to conduct various educational and research activities in near future.