We appreciate your choosing Nova Global Healthcare for your health care needs. We realize that this is a difficult time for you and your family, and that finances may be an additional concern. We are committed to supporting you by providing the following information to understand our charges, billing and payment process.

Your Financial Specialist Team

Whether you are paying for your own care, we will work with you to help ensure that the billing and payment process is as smooth as possible. Your team of financial specialists is likely to include the following individuals.The International Patient Assistants will be your primary contacts prior to arriving at Nova Global Healthcare. They will communicate the details of your initial appointment.

The Patient Access Services team is located in the clinic where you will be seen. You will meetwith them when you first arrive at Nova Global Healthcare. They will review your demographic information to ensure our records are accurate. They require a photo identification at registration,so please bring your current passport or another current, government-issued identification. The
Patient Access Services staff will verify your information and secure any needed authorizations.If you are paying for your own care, a Patient Access Specialist will give you charge estimatesonce a treatment plan has been established. He/she will also answer any financial questions you may have.

Type of Charges

Nova Global Healthcare’s patient statements contain two separate billing components:

Hospital charges are for the use of hospital facilities and the services provided by the nurses and other members of your care team who are not physicians.   

Physician charges represent the specialized services that your physicians will provide.

Initial Deposit for Evaluation

If you are paying for your own care, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit to be evaluatedat Nova Global Healthcare. This deposit is determined by the care center based on the type of medical treatment for which you are being seen. This deposit represents the average charge for evaluation by your physician, as well as the diagnostic tests that are normally performed
in order to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. The deposit is an estimate only. Actual charges may be higher or lower based on your specific needs.Nova Global Healthcare deposit amounts include charges for both hospital and physician services. Please speak to your International Patient Assistant if you need clarification. Our intent is to make sure you are aware of what the total estimated cost of your evaluation may be in advance.

Charge Estimate for Treatment

Once you receive your initial evaluation by an Nova Global Healthcare physician andagree on a treatment plan, Patient Access Services will provide you with a charge estimate for continued treatment. This Charge Estimate is based on the plan of care that your physician recommends for you. Your actual charges may be more or less than the estimated amount. You may request a charge estimate for services prior or during your visit. We realize that the cost for medical treatment may be a concern for your
family, so we are available to help answer your financial questions.


You will receive a patient statement showing all hospital and physician charges  after your appointment.If your total charges are more than the estimate you paid, your patient statement will show a balance due. If your actual charges are less than the amount you paid, you can request a refund. Statements do not reflect any credits that may be on your account.
If you wish to have a family member assist you, please inform our International Center Assisstant.


Payment in full is applied to hospital charges and to physician charges as indicated on your statement. If you pay less than the full balance, your payment will be applied to the oldest service dates and split between hospital and physician charges. To ensure timely and accurate payment posting, please include the remittance coupon attached to your statement.Nova Global Healthcare accepts cash or credit card as forms of payment.Nova Global Healthcare accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express . Paymentcan be made at any of the cashier locations in the  Main Building

If you wish to make a wire transfer prior to your appointment, please email Internatonal Center requesting them for our Bank details.Please allow approximately five to seven business days for an international wire to arrive. It is important that you send a copy of the wire receipt to us prior to the appointment, in order to verify a wire is in process.

Please note that deposits that exceed the actual charge estimate will be returned to the originating bank and will not be applied to your account.


If your actual charges are less than the amount you paid in advance, and you don’t anticipate receiving further treatment at Nova Global Healthcare, you may request a refund after dedecuting any penalities for stopping treatment in between. Refunds take approximately two weeks to process. If you paid by credit card, a refund will be made to your credit card account. Otherwise, 
your refund will be by check or wire transfer.

Contact the Patient Business Service team at for assistance.

Account Review

During your stay, your account may be placed in “review” status to notify your care center when they need to request additional information from you. It also gives the care center an opportunity to inform you of your upcoming services by providing you with a charge estimate or balance information. Our goal is to resolve any questions regarding your account, and we appreciate 
your cooperation in doing so. Communication with your Patient Access Services staff is important,especially if there are changes in your information.

Discounts for Uninsured Patients

If you are paying for your own care, your charges may be eligible for a discount. In order for a discount to be considered, your charge estimates must be paid in advance and any billed amounts must be paid timely. Accounts that are in collections are not eligible for a discount. Your Patient Access Specialist is available to review your account and advise you about any potential discounts.