Traveling to New Delhi from another country for medical treatment takes quite a bit of preparation. Nova Global Healthcare’s International Center can assist you in gathering the correct documents and letting you know what to expect for your first appointment.

Medical Documentation

The following information is required for your first appointment. Failure to provide these records may delay your treatment. In some cases, you may be asked to mail these materials to Nova Global Healthcare before your arrival.

Medical reports: Bring a hard copy of all medical reports that you have provided to your international patient assistant and any new reports that you have gathered since then.

Pathology materials: Pathology samples, including glass slides and/or paraffin blocks, are required for your first appointment. 

Diagnostic imaging results: Bring the films and/or CD ROMs (DICOM compatible) of any diagnostic testing relevant to your cancer diagnosis (CT scan, MRI, PET scan, ultrasound, mammogram, X-ray, etc.).


If you are self-paying for your cancer care, be prepared to pay a deposit or have your wire receipt when registering for your first appointment.

Visa Information

When your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a packet of information.This important document verifies your appointment at Nova Global Healthcare and estimates the time needed for your initial evaluation and treatment. 

The initial trip to Nova Global Healthcare may only require a short stay, but it is important to have the flexibility to stay longer once a treatment plan is recommended. .

Travel & Lodging

Nova Global Healthcare’s Patient Travel Services provides travel assistance for our international patients, families and caregivers. Ask about special airline, lodging and ground transportation discounts and rates for Nova Global Healthcare patients.