It is important that you get the information you need prior to leaving the hospital. Nova Global Healthcare also offers a complimentary and secure Web site for communicating with your medical team after returning home.

Outside Pathology Materials

Several days before departure, contact your International Patient Assistant to request your outside pathology material. You will be asked for a local telephone number so that the representative can call you once the material is ready to be picked up in the International Center.

Films (X-rays, Scans, etc.)
Nova Global Healthcare

If you desire the radiology copies of your diagnostic testing at Nova Global Healthcare, please stop by the Film Library several days prior to your departure to request these images by signing a request/authorization form. The copied images will be placed on a CD ROM (DI-COM compatible) at no charge to you. With the exception of mammograms, Nova Global Healthcare does not release original films. 

Outside Films

Films brought with you from outside Nova Global Healthcare may be retrieved in their original form within 30 days of receipt of films by the Film Library. Call the Outside Film Library and request that they prepare your outside films for pick-up. 

Release of Information

Stop by the International Center and sign an Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information form. This form will allow your International Patient Assistant to obtain medical reports and send them to you once you have left New Delhi. To facilitate communication and avoid delays, please review and make sure your contact information is correct. If corrections are needed, please inform your International Patient Assistant.