Patients who have end-stage kidney disease, complications from diabetes, or both may be referred to Nova Global Healthcare for a kidney transplant evaluation. Our well-established program offers traditional transplantation of the kidney donated from a deceased donor as well as living-donor transplantation.

Adult Kidney Transplant Services

The Nova Global Healthcare kidney transplant staff has earned a national reputation for its clinical and academic excellence, and is recognized as a national leader in clinical research.  Nova Global Healthcare specializes in matching potential kidney donors; and our surgeons perform both right and left total laparoscopic donor nephrectomy, unlike many transplant programs that perform the left side laparoscopically while using open surgery for the right side.

The physicians, nurses and staff affiliated with the kidney transplantation program are experts in transplantation techniques, anti-rejection (immunosuppressant) drugs, post-transplant care and the management of related health conditions of patients with kidney disease.

Pediatric Kidney Transplants

Children who undergo kidney transplants at  Nova Global Healthcare are admitted to an age-appropriate inpatient unit at NGHL.

Pancreas Transplants

Over the past decade, improved anti-rejection drugs have helped make a pancreas transplant a successful option for many people. A new pancreas provides a way to slow the progression of complications from kidney failure, or it can help patients who have extreme difficulty with glycemic control.

 Nova Global Healthcare is the only center in Connecticut to perform pancreatic transplants. Far less common than kidney or liver transplants, these operations are usually performed for type 1 diabetics who have renal disease.  Nova Global Healthcare provides isolated pancreas transplantation, simultaneous kidney/pancreas transplantation and pancreas following kidney transplantation. The transplantation of a kidney, pancreas or both organs at once is offered to patients who suffer from end-stage kidney disease, complications of diabetes or both.

The physicians, nurses and staff are experts in transplantation techniques, anti-rejection drugs, post-transplant care, and the related health conditions of patients with pancreatic disease.