Nova Global Healthcare staff and physicians support the rights of all patients. Nova Global Healthcare  does not restrict, limit or deny care or visitation on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, physical or mental disability, citizenship status or any other basis protected by law. The hospital provides emergency medical care to all patients.

Your Rights

As a patient at Nova Global Healthcare , you have the right to expect:

Care that is patient- and family-centered, safe, high quality, respectful and considerate of your personal, spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs and values.
Information that is understandable and complete, including health status, treatment and care options, and who is providing your care. You have the right to an interpreter to help with communication.
Participation in decisions about your care, treatment and services, including discharge, as well as during research investigations and clinical trials. This includes the right to request or refuse treatment.
Respect for your wishes as outlined in an advance directive and help making an advance directive.
Confidentiality and privacy in all matters, including visitor restrictions, on request.
Commitment to your safety and security in an environment that preserves dignity, including freedom from abuse and neglect. You have the right to be free of restraint or seclusion unless it is necessary for your safety.
Assessment and management of pain.
Prompt response to requests for assistance or expressed concerns or complaints, without being subject to reprisal.

Your Responsibilities

As a patient at Nova Global Healthcare , you have a responsibility to:

Inform staff of your past and current medical history, including changes in your condition.
Ask questions about your care and treatment, particularly if instructions are not clear.
Participate in your plan of care by cooperating with care and being involved indischarge planning.
Respect others by following hospital policies.
Notify hospital staff if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment.
TELL US how we can provide better care or service to you and your family.

For More Information

If you have a complaint that has not been handled to your satisfaction by hospital staff, you should email Nova Global Healthcare Patient Relations at