The complex needs of older patients experiencing dementia symptoms require a team of health care professionals with expertise in the field of aging. Our team works together to assess the patient's physical and mental wellbeing and to coordinate care in a variety of settings across the continuum. In the assessment of those with declining self-care skills and offers a wide range of services for older adults coping with Alzheimer's or dementia. Read more about our Geriatric Services.

In addition, we offer one of the oldest and most comprehensive geriatric assessment programs in the United States called the Dorothy Adler Geriatric Assessment Center, an outpatient consultative service that evaluates patients with age-related problems — medical, psychological, cognitive and social — that affect daily living. A multidisciplinary staff comprised of geriatric physicians, psychiatrists, and social workers, work with Alzheimer's disease and dementia patients and their families to provide optimal care and coordinated resources.