Nova Global Healthcare is a Stroke Center, nationally recognized for its expertise in providing the highest level of care to stroke patients.  Here, patients receive rapid access to treatment by an expert team that includes vascular neurology, endovascular surgical neuroradiology, neurovascular surgery, neurocritical care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, emergency medicine and other medical subspecialties, who work together to diagnose and determine the most appropriate stroke treatment for patients with stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders.

We follow best practices to try to preserve brain function and prevent serious injury or death, knowing that timely, effective treatment can make a significant difference in a better quality of life following recovery. Patient and family care is measured by a performance improvement process and reported publicly with other national programs.We provide stroke care 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and we have met the most stringent standards currently in use for stroke treatment.

Our in-patient services include a dedicated neuro-intensive care unit and a stroke consult service with a patient and family-centered approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cerebrovascular disease.

Specialized stroke clinics are available for community physician referrals, stroke consults and for primary and secondary stroke prevention.